Ergonomic design for best fit


The ViroMask Armor Face Mask is the most comfortable face mask for the best fit. It is a reusable mask so you can reuse it multiple times, without damaging your skin. The perfect ergonomic fit provides you with comfort and peace of mind, knowing that you are protected against COVID-19 virus.

The outer layer is made from a water-resistant material to help prevent the transmission of droplets, while the inner layers are made from a soft, breathable fabric to keep you comfortable all day long. The kill-trap-kill layers work perfectly fine to keep you safe during the day. With high filtration efficiency, the Armor Face Mask neutralizes 99% of bacteria, viruses, and other airborne particles and guarantees your protection.

We have designed Armor Face Mask for Adults, while considering your safety both indoors and outdoors, utilizing high-quality materials to ensure the best possible protection. You can reuse them even after 40 washes, making it one of the most durable and reliable face masks available on the market.

Make your style statement count and step out with our stylish and trendy Armor adult face mask. These masks are available in different colors, patterns, and sizes to suit your personality and style. Not only will you be protected, you'll also look and feel great while wearing them.

Sizes Available:

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Keep your kids safe and healthy with the ViroMask Double Protection Disposable Face Mask. Get these affordable masks for your children to ensure peace of mind.


ViroMask provides ultimate protection against contagious diseases like COVID-19. With cutting-edge technology and superior materials, ViroMask shields you from infection and gives you peace of mind. Experience total protection with ViroMask.


ViroMask is the epitome of sustainability in the mask industry. By using eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge technology, they not only guarantee environmental safety but also produce masks with unparalleled filtration efficiency. Choose ViroMask for a healthy planet and peace of mind.


ViroMask offers double protection with replaceable filters and adjustable ear loops for a secure fit. Made of eco-friendly, soft materials, it filters 99.9% of viruses and airborne particles for ultimate protection. Experience comfort and peace of mind with ViroMask, the top-performing face mask in the market.


SIZE HEIGHT (inches) WIDTH (inches)
5.5 (139.7mm) 9 (228.6mm)