ViroMasks leads the market through extensive development with our reputable collaborators and feature a range of benefits like no other mask on the market, including:


ViroMasks two layers containing HeiQ Viroblock patent pending Nano technology; proven to be very effective against viruses and is tested over the years including

against Human Coronavirus (229E). The technology has two elements to it; silver and Vesicle structures.

Silver Technology

Silver particles are potent antibacterial and antiviral agents due to their high surface area to volume ratio and unique chemical and physical composition. The silver attracts oppositely charged viruses and binds them permanently to sulfur groups, effectively eliminating the attached viruses following short exposure to the silver. This technology also inhibits the viruses from building up resistances.

Vesicle Technology

HeiQ patent pending Vesicle technology acts as a booster to quickly neutralize viruses and bacteria. The fatty spherical vesicle technology functions by directly targeting the lipid envelope surrounding the virus. This depletes the viral membrane of its cholesterol content thereby destroying the virus.

Using HeiQ Viroblock technology; residual virus infectivity tested according to modified ISO 20743 using Sendai Virus bore following impressive results:

  • Within 1 Min: 98.3%
  • Within 2 Min: 99.2%
  • Within 5 Min: 99.6%
  • Within 10 Min: 100%