ViroMasks leads the market through extensive development with our reputable collaborators and feature a range of benefits like no other mask on the market, including:

Effective Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Protection with HeiQ Viroblock technology. ViroMasks have a 95% filtration level protection; perfect for everyday use.

ViroMasks are reusable and easy to wash, masks can be used for up-to 12 hours before washing. The mask maintains its anti-bacterial effectiveness for up to 40 washes and anti-viral effectiveness for up to 20 washes.

ViroMasks are also light on your wallet. Considering a mean price of USD 30; cost per hour used is 0.13 USD. Whereas a good quality N95 costs around 1 USD per hour of usage.

Manufacturing process is quality controlled and ethical. As ViroMasks is reusable and washable; the carbon footprint is much smaller than disposable masks while providing same level of protection in everyday use.

All technology and manufacturing have undergone lab testing and exposed to different threat levels. The mask is effective against varied degrees of viral and bacterial exposure.

ViroMasks active ingredient is USA Environmental Protection Agency registered and is dermatologically tested on human skin to be nonirritating.