Reliance on Technology amid COVID-19 to Fight Back

19 Nov, 2020

Science has an answer to everything. We have a higher life expectancy because of science; and understanding of our body. Emergent R&D for drugs, vaccines, and test reagents have become common in the ongoing situation, caused by SARS-CoV-2. Compared to previous pandemics; which lasted atleast couple of years to millennia; we see hope of combating COVID19 much earlier.

Innovative Technology VS. COVID-19

In Singapore, robotic dogs were used for the purpose of patrolling public places such as parks and streets to monitor the implementation of social distancing rules. Similarly, robotic cars were used in Germany and other parts of Europe. In different parts of the world, Ulta Violet Disinfecting Robots were used in high risk places.

Shenzhen-based Pudu Technological robots were also used by more than 40 hospitals in China for transportation of medical staff and equipment. "In the battle against Covid-19, emerging technologies have stood out by making immense contributions in an unexpected, creative and amazingly responsive way," said Lu Chuanying, a senior official at Shanghai-based Global Cyberspace Governance.

Technology’s Role in Prevention and Cure

Technological innovations have been using in the pandemic in multiple shapes to tackle the situation for cure and prevention. Disinfecting robots, smart helmets, thermal camera-equipped drones and anti-viral facemasks have been used in the fight against COVID-19, in multiple parts of the world, according to BBC report.

Drones were also used for the purpose of providing food, medicines, immune boosters, masks, and many other things that can help in more efficient ways. More than 83 emergent R&D projects have been started by focusing on the 5 major directions during the pandemic for multiple purposes of cure, prevention and detection which are as

  1. 1. Clinical treatment and drug screening
  2. 2. Vaccine development
  3. 3. Test methods and products
  4. 4. Pathogenic and epidemiological study
  5. 5. Animal model study

Doctors spared no effort in utilizing the new technology to monitor risky areas and then helping them out. Scientists also developed Nucleic acid test kits for the sake of exploring new ways of early detection. They conducted many experiments and termed 10 therapies, including chloroquine, convalescent plasma, tocilizumab and traditional Chinese medicine.

Right Mask from Right Place

Different types of masks were also manufactured in multiple countries and then shared with each other for the purpose of saving human beings from the virus. The majority of people were deprived of quality masks in developing and other countries because of severe shortages. As per the instructions of the World Health Organizations, the 2nd wave of COVID19 is expected to clinch the world. So, we all must be ready with basic equipment to combat the virus. For innovative face masks; viromasks reusable mask takes the lead by creating Reusable, washable, anti-viral face masks that are CE Certified and have been tested for their efficacy across the world in different laboratories and virology institutes.