New Deadlier COVID-19 Variant Found in Texas

24 Apr, 2021

The discovery of a new COVID-19 variant was announced by Texas A&M University Global Health Complex scientists. Labeled the “BV-1” variant for the Brazos Valley in Texas, they have thus far acknowledged that it carries a combination of mutations that may make it more dangerous. The genetic markers that have been identified are similar to those with the kind of features that we don’t want to hear about: faster spreading, severe disease, and increased potential to neutralize antibodies causing high resistance to vaccines already administered.

Although the BV-1 variant has only been identified in one individual, we need to understand that COVID-19 and its variants will be with us for a long time. This particular variant is related to the U.K. SARS-CoV-2 variant. While the individual tested showed mild symptoms that lasted longer, other labs have found that variants with the same BV-1 genetic markers have shown that antibodies used to neutralize the virus have been ineffective. Antibodies are produced either by earlier COVID19 infection or by vaccination.

Why There Should be Continued Concern

As the number of people getting the COVID-19 vaccine continues to increase, there’s a desire to try to return to a pre-virus lifestyle. For some, this means no longer wearing masks, using hand sanitizers, or social distancing. These conditions will be open season for any variants that can overcome vaccine antibodies. Does this mean we are destined to live with these situations forever? No. However, as a global community, we are learning more about the virus, and proceeding with caution includes wearing well-designed, high-quality masks such as Viromasks reusable mask and practice hand hygiene. 

Vaccine distribution began with the most vulnerable older adults and front-line healthcare workers. As we move forward, there is evidence that younger people, including children, are now some of the highest percentages of those getting infected with COVID-19. The combination of high-risk behavior, faster-spreading variants, and lack of vaccinations has pushed a surge of young people being admitted to hospitals with the virus. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia physician Dr. Paul Offit reports an increase in what was once a rare inflammatory condition that they now associate as a COVID-19 complication. These situations may change and even escalate as more variants appear.

The Better Masks Help to Protect Against Variants

The ongoing battle against COVID-19 and its variants that will continue to immerge require the use of the best masks. Viromasks are the world’s safest daily use mask for adults and children. Treated with HEIQ Viroblock technology, Viromasks are effective against viruses while offering additional high technology features such as: double layer protection, cup-shaped front for easy breathing, made from hypoallergenic and recycled materials, moisture-wicking and anti-fog coating, ultra-soft polyester inner and outer layers with double-layer protection, elastic band bottom and aluminum nose clip for a snug but comfortable fit, adjustable ear loops, changeable filter, washable up to 40 times. Virmasks kill viruses and bacteria with rapid neutralization that traps them in the masks. Protection against current and new strains of the virus requires the highest quality tools to help in the fight, and Viromasks have fused comfort, safety, and technology for you and your family.