It is Wise to Make Masks Mandatory in Healthcare Institutions

13 Jul, 2022 Mask-Wearing Policies

Mandatory mask-wearing has been considered a sensible decision across the world. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) recently commented on this after a couple of healthcare institutions in England and Wales reintroduced the mask policies. Globally, governments and policymakers lifted the rules on universal mask-wearing, which actually compelled the health care organizations to make their own policies regarding making the policy mandatory again. In this critical time when the spread of coronavirus is on the rise again, it is essential to prioritize the safety and well-being of individuals. To combat the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and protect both healthcare workers and the general public, the use of viromasks reusable masks has gained significant importance. These masks provide effective filtration against airborne particles, including the coronavirus, while also being environmentally friendly and cost-effective. By embracing mask-wearing as a preventive measure, we can collectively work towards mitigating the transmission of the virus and ensuring the health of our communities. Recent data reveals a concerning rise in COVID-19 admissions, with a 34% increase in the past weeks, reaching the highest number in two months, emphasizing the urgent need for proactive measures such as mandatory mask-wearing.


Medical experts believe that the number will rise extraordinarily. Globally, the number of daily deaths from coronavirus were lower during the last six months. But more and more people are saying that they know more people who have the virus now in comparison to the past. All this data proves that it is a flimsy thing to believe that Covid is no longer a problem. Admissions to the hospital will surely increase and bringing back the mask-wearing policy can be a very sensible thing to do right now. Of course with an apt medical infrastructure as well, outbreak of a virus cannot be controlled.


Protection and wellbeing of the community is a responsibility that majorly falls on the shoulders of healthcare individuals. Continuing with this policy may be the sensible approach to fulfilling the responsibility. Most of the states in the United Kingdom have already advised their healthcare institutions to make masks mandatory again with regard to patients and visitors. Most of the states’ healthcare institutions introduced the policy just weeks after it was scrapped. Paramedical staffers believe the responsibility becomes more serious when it comes to taking care of the most vulnerable. All the visitors are thus instructed to wear masks while visiting the hospitals.


Some hospitals have even restricted the visits of family members until it is most important. Unfortunately, making mask-wearing mandatory in hospitals has made a lot of people skeptical again and cancel their planned hospital appointments. A lot of people are even reluctant to pay hospital visits for their appointments because they do not want to face or come in contact with people who are not wearing masks. On the other hand, patients are also concerned with the level of protection any kind of masks are providing. ViroMasks are the world’s safest masks with the double of everything and HEIQ VIROBLOCK Technology.


According to the people, simple surgical masks can no longer be purposeful. They provide a very low level of protection. Even with people wearing the masks, they should be wearing the right kind of masks to stay fully protected from the virus. Virus is an invisible enemy. It can only be defeated if you are wearing a mask that performs like a soldier on your face. In order to fight an invisible enemy, one needs to be invisible. With two layers and an additional trap layer, ViroMasks ensure neutralization over 99.5% even after 20 washes. This is extremely safe!


Patients are also abiding visits to the local chemists right now because they are usually in small buildings and safety requirements there are often ignored. If the right kind of masks are being promoted by the hospitals and health care professionals then the trend can become common again in small health care places and neighborhoods as well. Viromasks come with a filter layer which is made of melt brown and it is scientifically tested to filter over 95% of germs. This melt blown is statically charged since viruses have slightly positive charge. This makes it the safest for your wear.


ViroMasks’ filtration efficacy is at 98.5% as tested by ISO1725. It has an effective Antiviral and Anti-Bacterial Protection with BeiQ Viroblock technology. It is the perfect mask for everyday use. The best part of using Viromasks is that you can reuse them by easily washing them whenever you want. They can be used for up to 12 hours before you wash them for the first time. ViroMask will maintain its antibacterial effectiveness for up to 40 washes and antiviral effectiveness for up to 20 washes. This quality of washing them and reusing them makes them so homely and easy to use.


Another best quality of a ViroMask is that it is very light on your wallet. We have seen the world going crazy over increasing the prices of the masks as soon as Covid-19 arrived in order to gain maximum profits. Gaining profit is one of the goals of ViroMask business but it is not the major one. The biggest purpose is to make people have safety while living their routine life even after this unprecedented pandemic. Mean price of this mask is USD 30; cost per hour used is 0.13 USD. On the contrary, a good quality N95 mask costs around 1 USD per hour of its usage. This makes ViroMask highly economical in comparison to its competitors.


Manufacturing process of ViroMasks can be studied in detail to understand the sensitivity of its function. The entire manufacturing process is quality controlled and ethical. Since these masks are washable and reusable, its carbon footprint is much smaller in comparison to the disposable masks while it gives an equal level of protection in its everyday use. This makes it so easy for people to buy and continue living with the policy of wearing masks in indoor health care facilities. It not just gives them a chance to afford their safety but also the safety of other patients in the building.


ViroMasks, a leading brand in fabric face masks, are prepared with cutting-edge technology and manufacturing techniques that undergo extensive lab testing and exposure to different threat levels before reaching the final stage. This comprehensive threat testing makes ViroMasks a remarkably safe option against various kinds of bacteria and viruses. Thus, wearing a ViroMask at places where masks are mandatory or otherwise not only keeps you safe from the spread of the coronavirus but also protects you against seasonal viruses and bacteria. Next time you visit a healthcare clinic, remember to wear a ViroMask to demonstrate your responsibility as a citizen in protecting yourself and others. You can learn more about ViroMasks and explore their features online.