Biden’s Plan to Battle Covid in 2021

21 Dec, 2020

The upcoming US President, Joe Biden, recently declared a scheme to battle the Covid onslaught when he takes over the presidency. The gist of it requiring American citizens to wear masks at all times in public.

He also announced the distribution of 100 million vaccines with priority groups being people working in the education and health care departments.

Another part of his scheme is for the practical return of schools and to make sure they stay active throughout the country in 2021.

Although, Biden has stated that he will meet with other politicians to promote mask-wearing culture and this will be the foremost occasion that a US President will sign an executive order pertaining to the wearing of masks in public by citizens.

The government might not be able to purchase more than 100 million vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech due to short supply even though this partnership of companies is the only one in the USA to have their product legally sanctioned by the authorities. This is why the government is also trying to approve and deliver at least 100 million vaccines from other companies like Moderna.

It has not been written in stone whether the supply of vaccines will meet the public demand of the USA in 2021.

Biden did acknowledge that his scheme will not conclude the Covid pandemic and that this is just an early step in his overall 4-year tenure. Covid in the US alone has been contracted by over 15 million people and has resulted in over 280,000 casualties as of yet. This is why Biden has planned to meet health officials once he assumes office to jump start the vaccine approval and distribution process.

Biden has introduced his six-member team in the battle against Covid. First and foremost is the only Latin background person in the group, Becerra.

Other members include Zientes who used to work under Obama, surgeon general Murthy, Professor Walensky who will head the CDC later on, Nunez-Smith whose own team will concentrate on the impact of Covid on minority groups. Last but not the least on this list is a man with 40 years of experience, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who will be adding the management of Covid to his already vast set of skills.

Media and health specialists have stated that Becerra and the other 5 members are underqualified to handle a pandemic of this magnitude. Only when Biden takes his seat will we definitely know if his scheme and team are as capable as he claims them to be in this fight against the deadly virus.