Biden’s Plan to Battle Covid in 2021

21 Dec, 2020

The upcoming US President, Joe Biden, recently declared a comprehensive scheme to battle the ongoing Covid-19 onslaught when he assumes the presidency. A key component of this initiative is the requirement for American citizens to wear masks at all times in public, emphasizing the importance of viromasks reusable masks in preventing the spread of the virus.

President-elect Biden also announced the ambitious goal of distributing 100 million vaccines, with priority groups including individuals working in the education and healthcare departments. Another crucial aspect of his scheme is to facilitate the safe and practical return of schools, ensuring their continuous operation throughout the country in 2021.

Recognizing the significance of promoting a mask-wearing culture, Biden stated his intention to engage with other politicians in advocating for this crucial preventive measure. This will mark a historic occasion when a US President signs an executive order specifically addressing the wearing of masks in public by citizens.

However, the government's ability to procure more than 100 million vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech may be hindered by supply shortages, despite this partnership being the only one in the USA with authorized products. To address this challenge, the government is also seeking approval and delivery of at least 100 million vaccines from other companies like Moderna.

While it remains uncertain whether the vaccine supply will meet the public demand in the USA in 2021, Biden acknowledges that his scheme represents only an initial step in his four-year tenure, understanding that the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be resolved overnight. With over 15 million cases and more than 280,000 casualties in the US alone, Biden plans to meet with health officials upon assuming office to expedite the vaccine approval and distribution process.

Biden has assembled a six-member team to combat Covid-19. Among them is the only individual of Latin background in the group, Becerra. Other team members include Zientes, who previously served under the Obama administration, surgeon general Murthy, Professor Walensky, who will assume leadership of the CDC, and Nunez-Smith, whose team will focus on addressing the impact of Covid-19 on minority groups. Lastly, with his 40 years of experience, Dr. Anthony Fauci will contribute his vast expertise to effectively manage the Covid-19 crisis.

While some media and health specialists have expressed concerns about the qualifications of Becerra and the other team members in handling a pandemic of this magnitude, the true capabilities of Biden's scheme and team will become evident only when he assumes office in the fight against this deadly virus