ViroMasks leads the market through extensive development with our reputable collaborators and feature a range of benefits like no other mask on the market, including:


ViroMasks has a statically charged melt blown non-woven fabric filter. Melt blown filters above 95% particulates in the air at 0.3 Micron level. COVID19 is 0.1 to 0.15 Micron in size.

  • ViroMasks Melt blown is statically charged
  • Viruses have a slightly positive charge
  • The filter efficiency that ViroMasks achieve is at par with

N95/FFP2/KN95 masks through our filter.


Do not wash your filter. As the static charge diminishes and the filtration capability is degraded significantly. If the filter is damaged or exposed to liquids; please replace it with one of the two filter provided with each of our mask.

Exhale Breathing Values

Breathing valves are for exhale only. Their primary reason for being part of ViroMasks is:

  • Help mitigate the heat buildup in the mask
  • Help mitigate Carbon dioxide buildup in the mask

Exhale valves are key element for comfortable wearing of ViroMasks.